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Mission Statement

 As an artist, I aim to become an ultimate servant in the hands of music – I want to write and perform music, but more importantly, bring it to those for whom it is less accessible. I believe that music has the power to heal and elevate. Even the shortest connection with music can leave a long-lasting positive impact on someone who might be alone or suffering.


By writing music I am able to tell stories that are important to me and also resonate with people from different walks of life. The act of creation is truly inspiring to me and fuels me with the energy to continue my work through tougher times. When struggling, I recall my first concert of symphonic music and remember the physical sensation of all the different frequencies enveloping my whole being. I try to keep that warm and welcoming sensation in mind when creating my own works.

As a singer, I am put in the important role of bringing someone else’s music out in the world. Making sure I do justice to the composer’s idea and artistic intent is a great honour and a responsibility too, as performance is the key ingredient to the audience’s perception of a piece of music.


An important part of my artistic output is bringing music to audiences outside well - established institutions. I strongly believe in sharing my knowledge & talents with others, even though I may be still budding as a musician and only building upon knowledge about various subjects. I believe that music can be discovered at any age and there is always more to explore, no matter how well seasoned a listener may be. I am certain that it is especially important to bring music to the marginalized groups of the society as for them access to music can prove to be truly life changing.

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