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Sansusī wellbeing residency (2019)

A short snippet from the residency's shadow theatre performance featuring Līva's music.

In the summer of 2019, Līva took part in an artist's residency for which she composed two pieces of music for choreographed performances. As a part of this residency, Līva also co-lead workshops at a psychiatric hospital in rural Latvia, engaging in daily musical activities with patients. Līva's collaboration with a choreographer and a puppeteer resulted in a shadow theatre performance as well as a choreographed dance performance.

The dance performance, featuring Līva's original piano works, focused on negative body image and its implications on mental health.

The 25-minute shadow theatre performance for which Līva also wrote original music, involved the engagement of patients from Aknīste Psychiatric Hospital. The music and elements of choreography and puppetry explored such themes as water and space.

For Līva, this was one of the most special and fulfilling collaborations as a musician she had ever experienced!

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